Data Usage and Privacy Statement


For the purposes of article reception and peer-review, Editorial Neogranadina keeps a record of personal data in its databases for adequate support of the processes managed. To manage these data, the information security policy established by the University in Resolution No. 4352 of November 17, 2016, article 18, on information systems, is adopted:


Paragraph 10. “The information kept in the databases of Nueva Granada Military University’s information systems is and will be used in the development of the inherent functions of the University, in its condition as a higher education institution, either directly or through third parties.”


Paragraph 11. “The information stored in the databases of the information systems used by the University, or in any other storage media, must be governed by the Personal Data Privacy Policy Manual in force at Nueva Granada Military University, and the user is responsible for the data contained in the infrastructure.”


The journal complies with the Personal Data Privacy Policy Manual of Nueva Granada Military University, which is regulated in Resolution No. 3225 of December 02, 2013:


Article 11. “The collection, storage, use, circulation or deletion of personal data by Nueva Granada Military University requires the prior, free, express, and informed consent of the holder of said personal data.”


Article 21. “Ownership of personal data. Nueva Granada Military University will be aware at all times that personal data are owned by the individuals to which they refer and these individuals only may make decisions in relation to this personal data. In this regard, the University will only use said personal data for the purposes for which it is duly authorized and, in any case, respecting the regulations in force on personal data protection.”


This information will be shared for academic or educational purposes, with entities evidencing, classifying or assessing productivity, such as Colciencias, Publindex or international indexing systems.