Analysis of manuscripts on ethics in scientific research at Scientific Electronic Library Online (SciELO)

  • Flavia Squinca Hospital Universitario de Brasilia
  • Dirce Guilhem Universidad de Brasilia FLACSO
  • Juliana Paula Squinca Instituto Federal de Goiás
Palabras clave: Ethics, Research, Scientific and Technical Publications, Journal Article. Ética


Ethics in research became a central theme regarding globalization of the scientific development, particularly when related to the socioeconomic conditions of the countries involved as partners in research protocols, production of inputs and of knowledge. The objective of this paper is to analyze the sources of information about ethics in research present at Scientific Electronic Library Online (SciELO). Methodologically, this is an exploratory study was carried out by the systematic analysis of the literature available. The search engines retrieved 885 summaries, from which 170 were analyzed. The first publication was dated from 1996 and it could be identified the mention to international documents about research in humans. Since 2002 there has been an increase of publications related to the gain of legitimacy of the topic in academy. As a conclusion, although the amount is not huge, the manuscripts presented great impact as they stimulated debates and produced scientific knowledge on the topic. It can be observed that ethics in research has outcome the biomedical field, being inserted in other fields of knowledge.


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