Tandem Reactions in Organic Synthesis: The Artistic Approach in Modern Organic Chemistry

  • Diana Astrid Barrera-Adame Universidad Militar Nueva Granada
  • Juan Manuel Álvarez-Caballero Universidad del Magdalena.
  • Ericsson David Coy-Barrera Universidad Militar Nueva Granada
Palabras clave: Tandem, Domino, Michael, aldol, multicomponent, chiral auxiliary.


The rise of the processes involving sequential reactions (tandem) is mainly due to its advantages. Although it is required high inventiveness and synthetic knowledge, this provides synthetic pathways and processes whose atomic economy is high, in addition to being inexpensive, since it can avoid many purification and separation steps during synthesis. They are also environmentally generous, avoiding the use and production of toxic substances, and the possibility to build complex molecules with high stereoselectivity. This review aims to give a few examples, from existing plethora so far, allowing illustrating and clarifying aspects related to processes involving sequential reactions with an inventiveness that borders on a level that it would be considered as art.


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