El Influence of the pedagogical use of ICT in students' meaningful learning of technical media in Zipaquirá, Colombia

  • Wilder Banoy Suarez


This article presents the results of a doctoral research developed between 2014 and 2017; the objective was to determine to what extent the pedagogical use of ICTs influenced the significant learning of students in Zipaquirá, Colombia; the previous, in the framework of the pedagogical project Entrepreneurs in the Cloud, Community Managers in the technical media. A thorough bibliographic review of the state of the art and theoretical framework was made, both of the 5 dimensions of the independent variable and of the 6 dimensions of the dependent variable; This revision involved a number of 258 official sources in the document. In methodological terms, the design of the research is experimental, at a quasi-experimental level, with a mixed approach and method of data collection. It also specifies the details of the results analysis phase, taking into account the collection techniques of the approach, this in order to measure indicators and dimensions of each variable. The results revealed a direct link between the pedagogical use of ICT and the improvement of the level of significant learning in the experimental group of the sample; the general synthesis of analysis, discussion and conclusions presented thus concretes.


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Banoy Suarez, W. (2019). El Influence of the pedagogical use of ICT in students’ meaningful learning of technical media in Zipaquirá, Colombia. Academia Y Virtualidad, 12(2). https://doi.org/10.18359/ravi.4007
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